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All enquiries regarding Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group should be sent directed to souccg.southwark-ccg@nhs.net  or 020 7525 7888.

Please do not contact the GP leads directly or via their GP practices.

http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/jonty-heaversedge.jpgDr Jonty HeaversedgeCCG chair, clinical lead for integration and supports quality and engagement
Jonty is the CCG Chair and has been a GP in Southwark for 12 years and prior to this trained as a GP in South East London.

Jonty is passionate about the importance of involving and empowering patients – both in the management of their own health and in the work of the CCG, ensuring that all commissioning decisions are effectively informed by Southwark residents. Jonty is the clinical lead for integration and plays a role in clinical leadership for quality and engagement. He takes a leading role in engagement – both with CCG member practices and the public.

He is currently working to ensure that all of the lessons learned following the Francis Report, and other reviews of care quality in England, are effectively incorporated into the work of the CCG and King's College Hospital as one of the main providers of care to Southwark residents.

In addition to his roles in the CCG Jonty is currently providing clinical leadership on the Community Based Care Workstream for the South East London Community Based Care Programme and he sits on the Clinical Board for Primary Care Transformation in London. He is Vice Chair of the Southwark Health and Wellbeing Board and is a member of the Early Action Commission, Chaired by Margaret Hodge MP, looking at the benefits of intervening earlier to improve the health and wellbeing of Southwark residents.
http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Nancy-Kuchemann.jpgDr Nancy KuchemannClinical Lead mental health and parity of esteem, leading role in quality and the Clinical Quality Review Group
Nancy has worked as a GP in Southwark for twelve years, eight of them as a partner at Villa Street Medical Centre. She has previous experience as the GP representative on the Southwark Mental Health Partnership Board and was involved in service reconfigurations such as improving pathways into secondary mental health care following the closure of the Maudsley Hospital Emergency Clinic and the establishment of the Southwark Psychological Treatment Service.She Leads on Mental Health and Parity of Esteem as well as having a leading role in the Clinical Quality Review Group. Her clinical interests include the care of people with substance misuse, patient experience and health-related behaviour, medically unexplained symptoms and health promotion.She lives in Peckham and uses the local health and other community services regularly. As a result, she cares about the quality of our local health service and the way it functions, how it treats patients and how its professionals perform and develop.
http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/linda-drake.pngLinda DrakePractice Nurse. Leading role in primary care development and integration. Governing body link for children services
Linda has lived in Southwark and worked as a practice nurse for 30 years. During this time she has seen the development of the role of Practice Nurse and its contribution to improving the standard of primary care and reducing inequalities.Linda spends most of her clinical time working with people living with diabetes and has a special interest in supporting people with long term conditions to manage their own care. This work supports and informs her involvement in the commissioning of community services and services for people living with long term conditions. Linda has a master’s degree in Primary Care Development and supports Primary Care Development in Southwark, as well as taking a leading role in integration. She is also the Governing Body link for children services.She would like to see increasing nurse involvement in commissioning. She believes that practice nurses can strengthen the role of clinical commissioning by adding their unique perspective.
http://www.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Yvonneke.jpgDr Yvonneke RoeClinical lead for prevention and supports on the Health and Wellbeing board. Governing body link for inequality.
Yvonneke has been working in Southwark for almost 30 years and has been a GP in Southwark for over 24 years working from the Nunhead Surgery. She completed her clinical training at St Thomas’s hospital and spent a year working as an out of hours GP in Queensland Australia. Yvonneke is the clinical lead for Prevention and sits on the Health and Wellbeing Board. She has a keen interest in health promotion and the management of chronic diseases. She is also the Governing Body link for inequality. She has extensive experience and previously held roles as the Clinical Governance Lead for south Southwark Primary Care Group, and GP advisor on the Dulwich hospital redevelopment project. Yvonneke attends the Engagement and Patient Experience Committee (EPEC).
/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Noel%20Baxter.jpgDr Noel BaxterClinical lead for quality and the Clinical Quality Review Group and supports integration
Noel has been a GP in Southwark for 11 years. He trained as an undergraduate in South London, graduating from St George’s medical school in 1992.Though new to the Governing Body in 2014, Noel has already been involved in CCG respiratory service plans as a GP member. His experience as co-Lead of the London Respiratory Team as part of the Department of Health’s three year respiratory improvement programme meant he had key insights to share. He is the clinical lead for the Quality Review Group and has a leading role in quality and integration. He is passionate about joining up services which historically haven’t been and works closely with health professionals across the patient journey. He wants patients to feel confident that the people looking after them are talking to each other.Living and working in south east London, Noel has personal experience of the benefits derived from a diverse population, but is also very aware that not all people in Southwark benefit equally from the health knowledge and skill available in our borough. It is his aim to help redress this imbalance.
Dr Emily GibbsDr Emily GibbsGP Member
http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/about-us/who-we-are/meet-our-governing-body/PublishingImages/davidson.pngDr Robert DavidsonGP Member
Rob graduated from St George's Hospital Medical School in 1998. He has been a GP in Southwark for 11 years. He was a partner at Albion Street Health Centre until August 2015. He has also worked at Surrey Docks Health Centre. He currently works at the Extended Primary Care Service in North Southwark. Rob is passionate about the provision of high quality, joined up healthcare. His main medical interests are in the development of innovative and accessible healthcare services for children and young people. In addition to these roles and interests Rob is an examiner for the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and enjoys mentoring the doctors of tomorrow.

/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Ami-David.jpgProfessor Ami David MBERegistered Nurse. Supports primary care development. Governing body link for maternity
Ami is a Registered Nurse Member; she supports Primary Care Development and is the Governing Body link for Maternity.She is a Visiting Professor in Nursing London South Bank University and a Fellow of the Queens Nursing Institute. In the Queen’s honours list in January 2007 she was awarded an MBE for services to nursing and health care and was awarded the Commonwealth Fellowship in 1995.
/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Richard-Gibbs.jpgRichard GibbsLay Member - lead for governance and conflict of interest, and supports integration
Richard is the vice chair of Southwark CCG, as a lay member, with lead responsibility for Governance and Conflict of Interest, he also supports integration. As a healthcare management consultant he has a particular interest in strategies for improving the value of information analysis and IT, and has a long history of leadership within the NHS.He is a Trustee of Pembroke House, a charity in Walworth that helps disadvantaged communities. He has lived in Dulwich for 41 years. His daughter and grandson were born at Kings College Hospital. He can sometimes be seen jogging round Crystal Palace Park. ​
/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Robert-Park.jpgRobert ParkLay Member - lead for quality and supports prevention.
Robert is a Lay Member and clinical lead for quality; he also has a leading role in supporting prevention. He also chairs the Dulwich Project Board of Southwark CCG. Since coming to London in 1964, he has lived mostly in Southwark. He has experience of working in industry and local government, but most of his career was spent working for UK banks, finally as a senior executive with NatWest.
http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/joy%20ellery.pngJoy ElleryLay Member - lead for patient and public involvement
Joy was appointed as lay member of Southwark CCG in November 2015, with lead responsibility for public and patient involvement. She retired from Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust at the end of 2014 after working there for 17 years and where she had a remit that included governance, communications and patient engagement and experience. Her career started in biochemistry, physiology and nutrition and she has worked in clinical research, nutrition education and patient information.  Joy also has a masters degree in Information Science.
http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/about-us/who-we-are/meet-our-governing-body/PublishingImages/Andrew%20Nebel.jpgAndrew NebelLay Member, Chair of Integrated Governance and Performance Committee, oversees quality and performance of commissioned services.
Andrew Nebel takes up post in April 2017, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Governing Body from a varied career, most recently as a Non-executive director in the health sector, and as a director in the charitable sector.
His responsibilities at the CCG include Chairing the Integrated Governance and Performance Committee and overseeing the quality and performance of commissioned services.
Andrew has lived in Rotherhithe since 1991. He began his career in marketing, working for well-known brands in food manufacturing, travel, and insurance before taking up a post on the main board at Barnardo’s as UK Director of Marketing and Communications. There he had responsibility for all fundraising, retail & trading, marketing, advertising and communications activities.
Having retired from Barnardo's in 2009 after 12 years, he was appointed a Non-Executive Director of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, from which he retires after nine years’ service in March 2017.  Whilst there, he served as a member on its Strategy and Investment and Audit committees and chaired its Joint Research Strategy Board, working in tandem with UCL’s Institute of Ophthalmology [IoO].  He was also the Chair of the committee planning the move of Moorfields and the IoO to a new site in St Pancras.
He is also a lay chair of London & South-East Health Education recruitment and a lay representative on the Department of Health’s Advisory Committee for Clinical Excellence Awards. 
/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Andrew-Bland.jpgAndrew BlandChief Officer
Andrew has worked in the NHS for 15 years and in Southwark since 2009. As Chief Officer for the CCG he works closely with the Chair, our Governing Body and the CCG's membership to lead commissioning in Southwark. His previous roles mean he is well placed to tackle the challenges the NHS currently faces. Throughout his career Andrew has led major programmes of service redesign across primary and secondary care and has experience of commissioning in all aspects of care and primary care contracting. He was appointed as Managing Director of Southwark Business Support Unit in April 2011 so has led the organisation through its transition from a Primary Care Trust to a CCG. Andrew is passionate about involving local residents in the work the CCG does. He believes that bringing together clinical expertise of the doctors and nurses leading the organisation and the knowledge and experiences of patients can bring about real sustainable change and make NHS services in Southwark the best they can be.
/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Malcolm-Hines.jpgMalcolm HinesChief Financial Officer
Malcolm’s current role as Chief Financial Officer includes managing Finance, Governance, Membership and Engagement, HR and a range of support services within Southwark CCG. He has been a Director in Southwark since 2002, and previously worked at Board level in Health Authorities and Trusts. He has 20 years experience as a NHS Finance Director.​
/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Gwen-Kennedy.jpgGwen KennedyDirector of Quality and Chief Nurse
Gwen has a background in nurse management, clinical leadership and commissioning. She has held a number of senior joint commissioning posts across both adult and children’s services and has over 5 years experience of working at Assistant Director Level in health and social care. Gwen is a registered nurse and health visitor and has a sound background in safeguarding. Gwen’s career includes experiences of heading transformational service re-design projects, leading and managing key clinical and management strategies across health and social care for specific client groups, including mental health, substance misuse, continuing care and community health services.​
Mark Kewley - Director of Transformation and PerformanceMark KewleyDirector of Transformation and Performance
http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/SiteCollectionImages/About%20Us/governing-body-headshots/Gilmartin.pngCaroline GilmartinDirector of Integrated Commissioning
Caroline spent much of her early career as a nurse in hospitals and the community, including as a practice nurse in the east end of London. Despite her love of working in General Practice, she made the decision to move in to a more managerial career, spending time working with practice teams looking at the quality of their services and establishing educational programmes that would help widen and improve the skills of practice based clinicians.

Having led clinical and managerial teams, managed large community based services and led change management programmes, Caroline has more recently worked in commissioning roles, responsible for a broad spectrum of commissoning portfolios. Caroline is committed to enabling positive change for people using NHS services. She is really proud to be part of NHS Southwark CCG's Governing Body.
http://wwwauthor.southwarkccg.nhs.uk/about-us/who-we-are/meet-our-governing-body/PublishingImages/khan.jpgAssociate Professor Michael KhanSecondary care doctor
Following training at Guy’s Hospital Medical School and King’s College London between 1979 and 1985, I have enjoyed nearly 20 years as a consultant physician and clinical academic, during which time I have run a basic science and translational research team, whilst organising and running a large clinical service in dyslipidaemia, endocrinology and coronary prevention. I have also served as head of molecular medicine and acted as an advisor to numerous national and international organisations, including most large pharmaceutical companies, research councils, European Commission and National Iinstitute of Health and are Excellence (NICE). I am proud to have been one of those responsible for setting the 2014 NICE guideline on lipid-lowering drugs and making important life-prolonging preventive medicines available to a much wider population than was hitherto the case. 

For the last three years I have adapted and translated this wide-ranging 'bench to bedside' experience, developed in the academic sphere, to the design and development of novel therapeutics within UK biotech and look forward to new challenges in the coming years.

In addition to my new role on the Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body, I work as an Associate Professor of Medicine with University of Warwick, where I have worked for the past eighteen years.
Ian AbbsMedical Director GSST, KHP co-opted member
Ian Abbs has been Medical Director at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust since January 2011.
He joined the Trust as a consultant renal physician and honorary senior lecturer at King’s College London in 1994 and has had a distinguished clinical and academic career, which has included a broad range of senior management positions.
In addition to his clinical work, Ian has played a key role in the development of Clinical Academic Groups, the management units of King’s Health Partners, and was closely involved in work to integrate with Lambeth and Southwark community services.