​​Engagement and Patient Experience Committee ​​


Engagement and Patient Experience Committee

The Southwark Engagement and Patient Experience Committee (EPEC) has been set up as a subcommittee of the NHS Southwark CCG Governing Body and is chaired by Joy Ellery, a lay member of our Governing Body.    The Terms of Reference is available to view here.​

What is the role of the Southwark committee? 

The role of the Southwark Engagement and Patient Experience Committee is to monitor and provide assurance on the engagement work we do. This is to ensure that our engagement informs commissioning decisions (decisions about how we organise local health services), making recommendations to the NHS Southwark CCG Governing Body EPEC monitors the annual engagement work plan.   

EPEC papers are on the Governing Body committees page of our website.


Membership includes local people, Healthwatch Southwark, the Forum for Equality and Human Rights in Southwark, a GP clinical lead for engagement, the CCG Managing Director and CCG officers. The role description for local people is available here.

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