​​GP Practice Patient Participation Groups


Why should I attend my GP Practice Patient Participation Group?

Attending your GP Patient Participation Groups means you can work with your GP and Practice Manager to deal with issues that affect you, other local people and your GP surgery.

Your local group is based in your GP practice and meets three to four times a year to discuss issues and concerns that affect people using the surgery. The group will prepare agendas and activities reflecting local needs and concerns.


How can I join my local Patient Participation Group in Southwark?

GP practices are always looking for patients who would like to get involved. If you are interested in joining a group, ask at your GP practice, or alternatively let us know by contacting the Patient and Public Engagement Team on souccg.southwark-ccg@nhs.net or call 020 7525 7888.


What happens to the feedback received at the meetings?

Your local Practice Participation Group is part of the Southwark CCG engagement pyramid. Feedback given at your group will be fed up to the CCG Governing Body.

You can view the Southwark CCG engagement pyramid here. ​