​​Southwark PPG Network (SPPGN)

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The SPPGN was established by local patients, GP practice managers and the CCG patient engagement team. This group of people formed the SPPGN Steering Group which supports the development and delivery of the yearly plan for the SPPGN. ​

The purpose of the SPPGN is to bring practice staff and patients from across Southwark together to develop solutions to common issues faced by PPGs and to share good practice. The network communicates via a range of tools including quarterly face to face meeting and an online forum.  The CCG has developed a top tips for PPGs as part of national PPG Awareness Week in 2018.   

The SPPGN is open to all patients and practice staff in Southwark who are current PPG members or have an interest in joining their PPG.

Meeting dates


The meeting notes from previous meetings can be found in the documents box below.

26 September 2018
5pm - 8pm
Room M8, Cambridge House
1 Addington Square

We will be running a session on organisinPPG meetings in the first half of the meeting and will be looking at how PPGs can do more for their respective GP surgeries to 'mind the patient engagement gap'.  

Online discussion forum

You can join our online SPPGN forum which is hosted by MyPPG. The forum is very easy to use and a great way to discuss topics with other members, whenever is convenient for you.

To register simply enter your details here using the practice code: SOUCCG

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