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To ensure and maintain a patient voice in our decision-making, we urge members of the public to become active in engagement groups and committees. This way, service user perspectives are better represented and we can more readily incorporate your contributions and address your concerns in a cooperative fashion.

This page details the work and functions of various engagement groups and committees that support commissioning locally, and provides information on how members of the public can become involved.

You can also call the Patient and Public Engagement Team for more information about the groups below or how to get involved in our work on 020 7525 7888 or email souccg.southwark-ccg@nhs.net.

The CCG pyramid of engagement




Feedback given by patients at the ground level is fed up to the Governing Body via the pyramid of engagement and decisions are fed back to patients this way too.  The pyramid of engagement ensures that the decision makers of the CCG hears from the patients that are receiving the services that we commission.