​​​​​​​​​Our approach to engagement​

Since publishing the Southwark Five Year Forward view in March 2016 in collaboration with Southwark Council we have sought to implement our co-ordinated care vision based on an outcome oriented approach to commissioning. With support from the CCG's transformation team we have continued to oversee the collaboration of doctors, nurses, social workers, home care worker therapists and voluntary sector organisations under two Local Care Networks.

By engaging with the community Southwark CCG seeks to understand the needs, concerns and experiences of residents so it can deliver the best possible health services. We understand that positive health outcomes for the people of Southwark can only be achieved if patients and local people remain at the heart of everything we do.


Patient and public voice in governance

Several patient and public representatives take part to enable diverse perspectives. This includes the appointment of lay members to our Governing Body and our Engagement and Patient Experience Committee (EPEC).

Healthwatch Southwark are also members of our Governing Body and other committees.

Patients with lived experience


It is important that Southwark CCG understands the experience of patients beyond those already represented strictly through our Governing Body and through various committees and patient groups.

On the 'Share your story' section of this site we encourage Southwark patients to share your experiences of living with health conditions and experience of local NHS services so we can further shape those services according to your feedback. ​We also provide examples of case studies where direct patient feedback has enabled us to improve services in the past.

Our commissioning work is also informed by external feedback from Healthwatch Southwark 


Developing active, healthy and resourceful communities


In the Southwark Five Year Forward View we state that we need to reimagine our ‘workforce’ and engage with the fact that our citizens – as service users, parents or carers – are members of resourceful communities that can help others, and that people as individuals have significant capabilities and want to feel in charge.

The CCG is working with Community Southwark and Time4Southwark to support a pilot with a small number of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) to develop health and wellbeing initiatives to support people to take a more active role in looking after their own health in terms of developing their own walking groups, gardening groups, peer support and social groups.

We know that there are already lots of fantastic initiatives in Southwark that support communities to become active, healthy and resourceful. For further details about charities and community initiatives please see the Healthy Communities section of this website.

A comprehensive list of Southwark based voluntary and community organisations can be found at Community Southwark.