Governing Body meeting papers​ 

Our Governing Body meets on the second Thursday of alternate months. All our Governing Body meetings are open to the public to attend. Notification of the meetings is sent out to our mailing list a week before the meetings.  Please contact the CCG two days before the meeting with any questions for members or if you would like to join our mailing list.  

There is also an extended public open space session with members of the Governing Body from 5.30 - 6.30pm following each meeting. This is for any members of the public who want to raise issues and talk to us directly.  This is in addition to the public open space sections on the agenda where members of the public can ask questions during the meeting.  

To view meeting papers, simply click on the date of the meeting you are interested in and then select the paper you would like to download. Please see our glossary of terms, abbreviations and acronyms you may find useful. Copies of the papers are also provided at the meetings.

Upcoming meetings:

09-May 2019

Cambridge House, 2-4.45pm

11-Jul 2019

Southwark Cathedral, 2 -5.30pm

12-Sep 2019

Tooley Street, 11.30-1.45pm

14-Nov 2019

Tooley Street, 2-5.30pm

9-January 2020

Tooley Street, 2-3.30pm

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