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Plans for new school and health centre on Dulwich Hospital site get go ahead

Southwark Council's Planning Committee has given the go ahead for a new healthcare centre and community secondary school to be built on the Dulwich Community Hospital site.

The new health centre will provide a range of primary care, children's services, some diagnostics, a physiotherapy unit, a renal dialysis unit, community mental health services and services for patients with long term conditions. The plans ensure that the health services that are currently available on the site will continue to be provided there until the new health centre is ready for use.

Dr Roger Durston, NHS Southwark CCG's GP clinical associate for the Dulwich programme said: "I am absolutely delighted that our plans have been approved. We have worked hard to ensure that patients, health professionals and local people have been involved in developing these plans. We are now in a position to bring new and better healthcare services to the local community."

The Charter School East Dulwich is an inclusive community school that opened its doors to students in September 2016 in temporary accommodation in Peckham. On its permanent site, the school will accommodate up to 1,680 pupils aged 11 to 19 and over 180 teachers and support staff. It will be the sister school to the existing Charter School North Dulwich. Both schools are operated by the Charter Schools Educational Trust.

Although they are two distinct projects, the architects worked together within an overall master plan for the wider site which has been developed by an urban designer/landscape architect. The transport and environmental impacts have been assessed by joint consultants, to understand the impact of both proposals. Planning approval was granted subject to a number of conditions being met by the NHS and the school.

​Following completion of the normal business case approval process with NHS England, it is anticipated that work on the health centre will start in 2017 with the centre opening in 2019.

The plans were developed in partnership by Community Health Partnerships, NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group, The Charter Schools Educational Trust and Southwark Council.

What is the project about?​


NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is currently looking at ways to improve GP and community based health services – that is the health services that you receive outside major hospitals. The projects looks at services in Dulwich and the surrounding areas which includes Dulwich, Nunhead, Herne Hill, south Camberwell and south Peckham. Service users also come from beyond the boundaries of Southwark and into Lambeth and Lewisham.

Improving services in Dulwich and the surrounding areas was set up in 2011 and the CCG has continued the work from its launch in April 2013. All the documents and relevant materials from before the CCG launch are still available in this section.

You can read about the different stages of the project and the work that is currently taking place on the left hand side of the page.

How the project is managed

The project is managed the Dulwich Programme Board which reports through to our Governing Body. It has representation from relevant local NHS organisations, Healthwatch and additional patient representatives. It meets monthly, and once approved, the minutes of each meeting are available on our Meeting papers page. A summary of progress is also included in the Chief Officer's report to our Governing Body at every meeting.

Before the CCG's launch the Dulwich Project Board was established as a sub group of the Southwark Clinical Commissioning Committee.  The minutes of these meetings are also on our Meeting papers page.

Do you have any questions?


If you have any questions about the project, what it is about or how it is managed you can call our Patient and Public Involvement Team on 020 7525 7888 or email souccg.southwark-ccg@nhs.net.