​​Stage 3 - Developing our plans​


Latest developments

November 2018

We are holding a workshop for local people who will use the health centre and staff who will be working in it on Thursday 8 November.  The purpose of the workshop will be to look at and discuss the architect's plans for colours and signs, finishes and floors and ideas for colour combination to ensure they meet the needs for people who have a physical or sensory impairment or who have dementia.  You see a copy of the presentation here.  We will be organising another workshop in the new year.

May 2018

We are delighted to confirm that we achieved financial close on the Dulwich Health Centre scheme on the 1 May 2018. Work on site has begun, and is expected to last 23-24 months. Our target for occupation is likely to be on a phased basis beginning towards the end of April 2020.

Over the next two years the CCG will be overseeing aspects of the wider programme including the ICT, the operational commissioning of the building, the art strategy and the reprovision of the physic garden,. Most importantly we will be preparing the services to be moved into the new health centre, including the commissioning of primary care services.

The team continue to work closely with the secondary school project to co-ordinate activities. The school project is now underway and is due to complete their first phase in the winter of 2018. The CCG and the school project did a joint presentation at the January Dulwich Community Council which you can view here.

There were two public events where local people had the chance to see some of the initial proposals for the designs of the health centre and school. The public display from those events are also available here.

The next phase of the project is about to begin, and there will be regular updates on progress to local residents as well as information on this website.

We will continue to update this page with programme developments. If you want to find out more please contact SOUCCG.southwark-ccg@nhs.net, where you can ask to be added to our stakeholder database.

What was the outcome of the consultation?

We agreed plans for improving health services in and around Dulwich at our Governing Body meeting held on 12 September 2013. Based on what local people told us, we are planning the development of a large new health centre which will accommodate improved primary and community health services on the Dulwich Hospital site. Our goal is to improve community services and make them more accessible, joined up and convenient for patients.

Read more about the consultation and the outcomes at the bottom of this page.

Progress since then

Since September 2013 we have refined the list of services in accordance with the results of the consultation, and calculated how many patients we need the health centre to accommodate. That has helped us to determine how big it needs to be, and how big a site it needs to be built on. These calculations were carried out using current service activity, assessments of likely future activity and population changes.

We also went through a formal process to look objectively at all the possible locations for the health centre. This included including refurbishments and new builds on the Dulwich Hospital site and also looking to see if there was anywhere else in the area the health centre could sensibly be located. We analysed each option to see what the financial implications of each would be, and also what the non-financial benefits of each would be. Financial implications include the cost of building and the cost of maintenance over the life of the building. Non-financial benefits include things like accessibility, how easy and quick it would be to build, and whether it would easily deliver the services we need, including space for future growth. The conclusion was that a new build on the south-east corner of the Dulwich Hospital site represented best value for public money. This was then formally approved by NHS England and NHS Property Services.

Another formal decision made has been about how this building is to be funded, and this was based on an analysis of the different options. These options included using Department of Health money (a ‘capital-funded scheme’) or through our local LIFT (development) partner, which would be funded through the CCG paying annual rent on the property. We needed to be sure that we are doing this in a way that is best value. The Department of Health made the final decision, and decided that it would be a LIFT scheme, built by South London Health Partnership, our local LIFT partner.

Discussions about the wider site

The part of the site not required for health services in the longer term has been purchased by the Education Funding Agency, and the Charter Schools Trust will be developing a secondary school on the site. This will be a phased process, as the services currently in the hospital need to stay there until the new centre is built.