Improving primary and community care 

Developing our strategy

Our first major project since our launch in April 2013 was to develop our primary and community care strategy.  After five months of engagement, planning and development, our Governing Body approved the strategy at our meeting held in public on 12 September 2013.

Within Southwark we have an ambitious vision for the provision of care out of hospital.  To deliver on this vision we need to make sure that our primary and community care services are fit for the future.  This will mean that the way that services are organised will need to change, to ensure viability for the future and to be able to meet the requirements of the population.

Improving quality of care

Our plan concentrates on the provision of services by GP practices and other community health service providers.  It describes how we will achieve our aim to improve outcomes for patients as well as providing better value for money. Some of the care provided for Southwark patients is excellent, and there are many examples of innovative and high quality care.  We know that Southwark people value primary and community care services highly, and want to see a better range of services available outside of hospital, either in or close to their home. 

However, our primary and community care services are under increasing pressure from increasing demand as well as constraints on funding.  Despite improvements in some areas over recent years, the range of services and the quality of those services is sometimes patchy across the borough, and patients do not all receive the same range and standard of services.   This plan outlines how we will improve the consistency and equity of services available to Southwark people, supporting improved outcomes.

The CCG will be working to improve services in line with our strategy. The full strategy is available below.​

How patients access primary care and how services are delivered

As part of our primary and community care strategy we have been looking at how patients access GP services and how GP practices deliver services. You can read more about these projects on the left hand side of the page.