Adult safeguarding​

Safeguarding adults at risk is a core commitment of Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Protecting the most vulnerable and promoting their interests is a primary duty.

Protecting adults at risk in Southwark

Safeguarding adults at risk is an integral part of all our planning, commissioning, contracting and monitoring of delivery. We recognise our responsibility for ensuring the safety of adults at risk in our community and work with our partners in social care in establishing robust single and multi-agency standards.

You can see the full NHS Southwark CCG safeguarding children and adults declaration on our Policies and Registers page.

You can read our latest Safeguarding Adults Annual Report here

What it means to be an adult at risk


An adult aged 18 years or over who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness; and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself  against significant harm or exploitation. 
The 2011 London Safeguarding Adults Procedures use the term “adult at risk” rather than the previously used term “vulnerable adult”. The London Safeguarding Adults Procedures state that an adult at risk may therefore be a person who:
  • Is elderly and frail due to ill health, physical disability or cognitive impairment

  • Has a learning disability

  • has a physical disability and/or a sensory impairment

  • Has mental health needs including dementia or a personality disorder

  • Has a long-term illness/condition

  • misuses substances or alcohol

  • Is a carer such as a family member/friend who provides personal assistance and care to adults and is subject to abuse

  • Is unable to demonstrate the capacity to make a decision and is in need of care and support.

Who can raise a safeguarding adults concern?


Safeguarding concerns may be raised by any person experiencing the alleged abuse, relatives, carers or a member of the general public and health and social care staff.
  • If you think someone is being abused or someone is abusing you, you can:
  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Contact the Safeguarding Adults team by calling them on 0845 600 1287
  • Contact the out of hours team: 020 7525 5000 (Weekdays: 5pm to 9am. Weekends and bank holidays: 24 hours)

If you are reporting abuse, it is helpful if you can provide your name to enable further contact. You can also report suspected abuse and not disclose your identity should you wish.

In an emergency always dial 999.
Your concerns will be taken seriously and you will receive prompt attention and advice.
If you feel you are being abused, neglected or mistreated and feel unable to call us yourself, tell someone you trust and ask them to do it for you.