Child safeguarding​


Children have a right to grow up safe from harm. It is not acceptable for anyone to treat a child in a way that makes him or her unhappy and will affect how they grow up.
You can find information on child protection by visiting Southwark Council website if you:

Safeguarding children annual report 2017/18

We have published our latest Safeguarding Children Annual Report.

Safeguarding declaration 2019

NHS Southwark CCG ensures that, in exercising its functions, robust arrangements are in place to safeguard, and protect the wellbeing of children and young people. This is required by Section 11 of the Children Act. Core Standard 2 provides a framework for meeting these obligations and NHS Southwark CCG is able to report it meets these requirements.

You can see the full NHS Southwark CCG safeguarding children and adults declaration on our Policies and Registers page.
For any further information on safeguarding, please contact Lynda Bartlett, Designated Nurse for Child Protection at