Quality and safety ​

Monitoring quality and safety

We work hard to put quality at the heart of everything we do.

Our Quality and Safety Sub Committee meets monthly and reports to our Integrated Governance and Performance Committee (IG&P).  It is chaired by the GP Clinical Lead for Quality.  Members include clinicians, lay members, including the lay member for Patient and Public Involvement, and executive members who are also members of IG&P.  Healthwatch is also invited to be a member.  Providers often attend these meetings to present and lead discussions on projects and areas of work. For example, pharmacists from the Local Integrated Rehabilitation Service and a local care home attended in November 2019 to talk about the work they have been doing to engage with patients and local people around reviewing medicines and how to ensure the process for agreeing goals and outcomes is a collaboration between the patient and pharmacist.

We have an annual main agenda item on patient experience where King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trusts attend to present and discuss their annual patient experience reports including complaints and patient involvement.   You can read a copy of the presentation here.  We also receive the South and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust report so we are able to look at patient experience and involvement in detail across services in Southwark.   The latest review took place in August 2019 and was included in the quality report presented to and discussed at the Integrated Governance and Performance Committee in September 2019.

Patient involvement and experience is also reviewed and monitored through the monthly Clinical Quality Review Groups which take place between the local hospitals and the CCG and which are chaired by a local GP.  A public  governor sits on the King’s College Hospital CQRG and Healthwatch is invited to the Guy’s and St Thomas’ CQRG.   Quarterly patient experience data including complaints and engagement information is presented and discussed. This helps us evaluate how services are performing and establish any areas where we need to concentrate as commissioners to ensure that services are meeting the needs of patients.