​​​​South London Cares


London is the most amazing city in the world, full of cultural and economic dynamism and people from all over the world. And yet in this rapidly changing environment, many people feel isolated and left behind. Older people, in particular, who have often lived in their neighbourhoods for 50, 60, 70 years, often have deep roots but no connections. Meanwhile the young professionals who are changing our city, through no fault of their own, often have hundreds of connections but no roots.

Clearly, young professionals and older neighbours have so much to gain from one another – in shared time, friendships and new experiences – to better immerse themselves in the reality of the world around them and so that all participants can reduce their loneliness and isolation and improve their wellbeing, connections, confidence, resilience and skills; and bridge the gaps across social and generational divides.

South London Cares harnesses the dynamism of our rapidly changing capital city through three core projects. Our Social Clubs are group activities occurring four to six times per week which harness local businesses, community resources and individuals' time and talent to offer a programme of interactive gatherings through which we build relationships and familiarity.​