‚ÄčOur Healthier Southwark 


We held this event  in July 2017 for the public to hear about and discuss ideas about the future of health services in Southwark and across south east London, as part of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.  

You can read a combined report of the six events held across south east London and the questions raised on the Our Healthier South East London website.    

The response to the issues raised is also available on the OHSEL website

The health and care issues we are looking at include, how we can improve primary and community care and care outside hospital, how different parts of the health and care system can work better together to give people the care they need, how we can best meet the rising demand for services from a growing and ageing population and respond to the financial pressures this places on the NHS, and crucially, what more can we do to stop people becoming unwell.  

Read more about how we have been working with the Our Healthier South East London programme  to improve health and care services.


Southwark Event flyer pdf