Case Study 1


Tina Thorpe, 56 from Dulwich, has metabolic syndrome. This includes obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease and retinopathy. Tina used to work as a nurse in the army before being diagnosed with lupus in 1986. She had to leave her job and found it hard to come to terms with the diagnosis and civilian life. This led to inactivity and emotional eating to cope with her symptoms.

“There was not enough time to discuss the whole picture with the GP – even with a double appointment. I found it really difficult to get guidance and support and had to shout for any services I received.

“I needed help from someone who could look at me as a whole person. It would have really helped to have on-going support for my weight management to keep up my morale and give encouragement if I felt myself slipping back into old ways.

“Finally, one doctor – a rheumatologist - sat down and listened to me and explained that I had metabolic syndrome and the connections between all of my illnesses. I was finally referred for help and I am now motivated to change.

“I have lost over two stone and I want to start working again. I have been involved in developing a new healthy weight service in Southwark. I have also shared my experience of services with the CCG to improve the way they work for other people. I want to be healthy once more and feel health professionals should be aiming for their patients to feel excellent and not just ‘ok’.”