Case Study 4


Michael is lives in supported accommodation and has renal failure and a long history of psychiatric illness. He is 38-years-old. He attends dialysis three times a week and has poor eyesight as well as being a clinically obese type two diabetic.

His physical ailments exacerbate his mental health problems and he occasionally suffers from lengthy panic attacks. Aside from a history of paranoid schizophrenia, Michael feels anxious about leaving his house and subsequently has a diminished social life, beyond contact with his mother and sister with whom he is very close.

Nonetheless, Michael’s confidence is gradually returning, as is his independence. The Southwark Wellbeing Hub might offer Michael a range of additional options in terms of managing his ongoing illnesses, and reconnecting him socially. The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust is always on-hand if he needs to talk to somebody.

If Michael wants to be fully independent, what other services or community activities and/or organisations in Southwark might help him achieve his goals?