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Changes to lay membership on our Governing Body

There have been some changes to the lay membership on the CCG's Governing Body. From April, we have four Lay Members, each taking on specific roles and responsibilities for areas of our governance which reflect their individual skills, experience and interests.


What are Lay Members?

Lay Members have been described as 'outsider-inside' representatives. They come from other sectors and/or the community and have a patient/user perspective to try to influence the system and improve things for the people whose interests they represent. They bring experience at senior or board level and play a pivotal role in ensuring that governance is maintained and CCGs make the best possible decisions for patients.


Who are our Lay Members?

Our Lay Members are Andrew Nebel, who was recently appointed, Joy Ellery, Richard Gibbs and Robert Park. Richard and Robert have recently been re-appointed after their respective terms ended.


What are their specific roles?

With CCGs poised to take on greater responsibility for commissioning general practice, we now need greater involvement, oversight, and leadership from Lay Members. The portfolios of our Lay Members have been reorganised to reflect the fact that there are now four of them, and to take into account their own areas of interest, experience, and expertise.


The new portfolios are:


Andrew Nebel:

Oversight of:  Quality and performance of commissioned services

Roles: Chair of the Integrated Governance and Performance Committee (IPG); Vice Chair of the Primary Care Commissioning Committee.


Richard Gibbs:

Oversight of:  Audit and governance and Conflict of Interest Guardian

Roles: Vice Chair of the Governing Body, Chair of audit and remuneration committees and also of Conflict of Interest (COI) Panel.


Robert Park:

Oversight of: General practice commissioning and developing new models of care

Roles: Chair of Primary Care Commissioning Committee and Dulwich Programme Board; Vice Chair of the Integrated Governance and Performance Committee (IPG).


Joy Ellery:

Oversight of: Patient and public Involvement, equality and diversity, and Whistleblowing Guardian

Roles: Chair of Engagement and Patient Experience Committee (EPEC), member of quality and safety sub-committee, Chair of Southwark PPG Network meetings.  

If you would like to find out more about the Lay Members, please visit the Governing Body page of our website.