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GPs and patients give local CCG top marks 

National CCG survey results announced today show that NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group has strong relationships with local patients, its GP practice members and wider stakeholders.
The new NHS organisation in Southwark, which launched in April 2012, had one of the highest response rates nationally to the 360 degree feedback survey at over 89%. The wide range of views collected mean the CCG can learn a great deal about its ways of working and how it can improve in the future. 

CCG GP practice members 

The greatest share of responses was from local GP practices, who accounted for almost 60%. They reported an improvement on an already strongly relationship with the CCG. 85% of members now rate the relationship with the CCG as fairly or very good compared to 84% in 2012 - higher than the national average of 79%.
This healthy relationship was also reflected in 78% of the CCG’s members saying they felt it communicates commissioning decisions with them. Over half of all members stated they have the opportunity to have direct discussions with the CCG’s leaders on a monthly basis.
Some respondents felt that though they have to opportunity to express their views, they don’t always feel listened to. The CCG is developing new communication and engagement tools to make it easier to collect feedback from practices as well as show how their views have influenced decision making.

Patients and the public

Representatives from the local Healthwatch and other local patient group members also completed the survey. 75%  said that they are satisfied with the steps taken by the CCG to engage, that they have an opportunity to input into commissioning decisions and that they are open and transparent.
Although this rate is higher than the national average, the CCG has heard their views and ideas on how it can improve further, with one respondent saying:
“Southwark CCG already does a lot to engage with patients and the public; however, the real challenge now is to include the more difficult to reach.”
In light of this feedback the CCG is making plans to have more conversations with hard to reach groups, working together with the Council, local Healthwatch and voluntary sector organisations. (link to engagement workplan)

Wider stakeholders

Over 80% of stakeholders who responded reported that they are satisfied with the way in which the CCG has engaged with them.  100% of health and wellbeing board members said the CCG played a very active role in developing the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
The full survey results are available on the NHS England website.