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Mental health service to support people affected by the London terror attacks

A free, confidential mental health service is available to help people affected by the 2017 London terrorist attacks in Westminster, Finsbury Park, London Bridge and Parsons Green.

It has been set up to support survivors, witnesses, those who lost loved ones and immediate family members who may find they are struggling several months after the event.

The service is staffed by a team of specialist psychologists who have experience of working with people who have been involved in traumatic events including terrorist attacks.

They can assess whether people would benefit from more targeted psychological support and refer them to appropriate NHS services.

Designed to support adults as well as children and young people, the service is based in London but open to anyone across England who was caught up in the four attacks.

People are resilient but traumatic events can have a lasting impact. People can find they are experiencing flashbacks, having trouble sleeping or just struggling on a daily basis after a shocking event.

The anniversary of the attacks this year may also be a particularly challenging time and these feelings may intensify.

The NHS can help. This service aims to assess what support people need and arrange for them to get the help, support or treatment they need.

People can call the service by phone or email. Those contacting the service will be invited to complete an emotional wellbeing screening questionnaire either online, over the phone or by post. A face to face clinical assessment with a specialist clinical psychologist may also be arranged to talk to people further to assess what kind of support they need. This assessment can take place in offices in north or south London, over the phone or by Skype depending on what people prefer. Depending on the outcome of the assessment a psychologist will then refer people for appropriate treatment in local mental health services.  

If people don't show any symptoms during the screening, they will be contacted again after three months and six months with an offer of another screening to check again whether they need or want any extra support.

Contact details for the service:

Opening times are Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm.

If your call is not answered immediately, you will have the option of leaving a message and will receive a call back as soon as possible. You can also leave a message outside of the opening hours on this number.