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​Updated Interim position statement on FreeStyle Libre® Flash Glucose Monitoring System

The South East London Area Prescribing Committee, of which NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group is a member, has published an updated interim position statement relating to FreeStyle Libre® Flash Glucose Monitoring.
The NHS England London Diabetes Clinical Network and NHS London Procurement Partnership recently released implementation guidance for the prescribing of FreeStyle Libre® in London.
The South East London Area Prescribing Committee considered this implementation guidance and is broadly in agreement with the key points and distinct groups/treatment areas. However, the Committee identified several operational issues for further local discussion and agreement before prescribing can take place safely and effectively.
Mechanisms are currently being put in place to support delivery of a local implementation plan. It is not possible to place an exact date for completion of the local implementation plan; however, it is anticipated that eligible patients will be able to access FreeStyle Libre® on the NHS in south east London in autumn 2018.

For more information, please read the updated interim position statement and the frequently asked questions relating to FreeStyle Libre®.