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​CCG team helps keep antibiotics working with public drop-in session

NHS Southwark CCG hosted a public drop-in session at London Bridge station on Wednesday 14 November to raise awareness about antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics are essential for protecting against and treating infections, but too many people are taking them when they don't need to. This means that harmful bacterial in our bodies is becoming more resistant to the medicine, making infections harder to treat.

As part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018 (12-18 November) the NHS Southwark CCG team of Dr Aparna Babu, pharmacist Tara Patel, and infection control nurse Nicola Sirin, spoke to dozens of people at London Bridge station – including the Mayor of Southwark, Councillor Catherine Rose.

They also handed out scores of information leaflets about the importance of antibiotics and how we can all help keep them working.

Passers-by were encouraged to sign-up to become Antibiotic Guardians – a simple online pledge to protect the medicines for future generations.

Speaking after the drop-in session, Dr Aparna Babu, GP and clinical lead for antibiotics at NHS Southwark CCG, said: "Taking antibiotics when we don't need to increases the likelihood of them not working next time – making infections much harder to treat.

"We all have our part to play in keeping antibiotics working for future generations, and it was encouraging to speak to so many people – including the Mayor of Southwark – about how they can help protect these vital medicines.

"In Southwark, GPs are leading by example, with 8% fewer prescriptions issued in the last year alone. However, we want everyone to be part of our efforts to tackle antibiotic resistance by signing a pledge and becoming an Antibiotic Guardian. It's simple to do – just go to

"We'd like to thank the Mayor for taking the time to come and support our efforts, and London Bridge Station for accommodating us for the day."

Find out more about antibiotic resistance and how you can help keep these vital medicines working - and don't miss the latest Southwark News column from our Chair, Dr Jonty Heaversedge, in which he explains why it essential for us to act now to protect antibiotics. 

Photo (from left to right): Tara Patel, CCG pharmacist, Cllr Catherine Rose, Mayor of Southwark, and Dr Aparna Babu, GP and the CCG's clinical lead for antibiotics