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NHS Southwark CCG launches new child health guide 

New local NHS guide for parents and carers of young children

NHS Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth and Southwark CCGs have produced an information guide for parents and carers of children under 5 to help them understand more about the common childhood illnesses and what to do if their child is ill. The guide includes information about local health services such as pharmacies, walk-in centres, and A&Es, and when to access these.

Printed booklets are available to parents and carers from Health Visitors and in children's centres and you can view the guide to childhood illnesses online

Dr Howard Stoate, a GP based in Bexley, who led the work on this guide, explains:

"We can all feel unsure what to do when our child is unwell, but this guide gives practical help and advice to help parents to make the right choices if they are concerned. It covers the most common childhood illnesses and explains what the best treatment is, and when to be concerned. The guide also has information about local health services and when to contact them, including pharmacies, urgent care centres and A&Es.

"We hope that the guide will be used by parents throughout the early years to help them choose the best treatment and most appropriate health service if their child is ill."

The guide has been produced in partnership between NHS Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth and Southwark CCGs as part of the Community Based Care (CBC) strategy in south east London. This is a shared strategy to develop out of hospital care, and in this case, encourage self-management on non-urgent conditions. By working together, we can go further, faster, sharing learning and developments and pooling resources and expertise. This will mean more people in south east London will stay healthy, and every patient will experience joined-up healthcare which meets their needs in the most effective way

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