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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) statutory consultation


Interested parties are invited to take part in a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) consultation for Southwark. The consultation provides an opportunity to help shape the future of pharmacy services in Southwark and ensure they are meeting the needs of local people.
A PNA is a document which records the assessment of the need for pharmaceutical services within a specific area. As such, it sets out a statement of the pharmaceutical services which are currently provided, together with when and where these are available to a given population.
A PNA is a requirement by law to be carried out at least every three years. Each health and wellbeing board (HWB) must assess needs for pharmaceutical services in its area, and publish a statement of its first assessment and of any revised version.
The consultation results will be included in Southwark’s Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment report which will be published by 31 March 2015. 

The consultation runs until midnight on 28 February 2015 and can be accessed via the Southwark Council website.