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​Southwark residents help shape future health services

Southwark residents and the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have joined forces to come up with ideas to improve health services.  At a public meeting, attended by 70 local people, the CCG asked how it could help people stay healthy and use local NHS funds more effectively.
People told the CCG that the local NHS needs to be more joined up and different organisations need to be better at sharing information.  They also thought that if GPs and pharmacists helped patients understand their medication, how it works and why they have been prescribed it, they could use it better.
They discussed how the NHS can help people with long term conditions, like type 2 diabetes and breathing problems, to work with their GP to manage their condition to stop it from getting worse.  By teaching people about their condition it will mean that they know the warning signs and might avoid ending up in hospital. They also discussed the connection between physical and mental health and highlighted the need for both to be discussed with patients and treated together.
The doctors and nurses leading the CCG believe that acting on the ideas of local people who experience services today will help to reduce the strain on local health services in the future and enable their patients to achieve better health and wellbeing. The CCG Governing Body discussed how they would use patient and public feedback in their planning for future health services for the next five years.
Dr Jonty Heaversedge, a GP lead for the CCG, said: “We are delighted that so many people came out to tell us about their experiences of NHS services. In order to continue to have a high quality health service we have to make significant changes over the next few years. We want to work with patients to develop more innovative ways of providing some services outside of hospitals and act to ensure the services patients use are better coordinated.”
He added: “The NHS has been saving lives and helping people stay well for 65 years. It’s really important that as many people get involved as possible and that Southwark residents join the conversation so we can make sure our NHS survives another 65 years.”
You can find a full report of the event and the feedback we received on our Call to Action page.​​