​Policies, strategies and registers​​

This page contains all NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group's policies, strategies and registers. 

Conflict of Interest policy

Our Conflict of Interest policy and registers are below. For more information on why Conflict of Interest is an important Governance issue for CCGs go to our Conflict of Interest page.


In the strategies section below you will find our overarching plans and strategies which define the way we work as a CCG, including our Operating Framework. The CCG also makes plans for health services and commissioning. You can find these in the Our Plans section of our site.


CCG members and staff declare any Conflict of Interest and receipt of Gifts and Hospitality in registers which are available below . 

In adherence with requirements of the document, 'Managing Conflicts of Interest: Statutory Guidance for CCGs', published in December 2014 by NHS England, CCGs must maintain a register of procurement decisions taken. This includes details of the decision including: what and when; who was involved in making the decision; a summary of any conflicts of interest in relation to the decision and how this was managed by the CCG.

The Procurement Decisions register, which you can find at the bottom of this page under 'Registers', will include all three types of procurement routes undertaken by the CCG - Any Qualified Provider (AQP), competitive tendering and single tender action. It enables the CCG to demonstrate that it is acting fairly, transparently and in the best interest of its patients and local population. Find our more about tenders, procurement and contracting.

CCG Balanced Scorecard

The CCG is assessed by NHS England once quarterly to ensure we are meeting our obligations as set out in the Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2013/14 and the NHS Constitution. A document below summarises our performance against these standards and obligations in Q1 of 2013/14.

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