​​Tenders, procurement and contracting​


NHS Southwark CCG adopts a variety of procurement processes including Any Qualified Provider (AQP), competitive and non-competitive tendering.
Current commissioning plans and related tendering opportunities are publicised on Contracts Finder.  ​
Enquiries should be made via souccg.southwark-ccg@nhs.net.

In adherence with requirements of the document, 'Managing Conflicts of Interest: Statutory Guidance for CCGs', published in December 2014 by NHS England, CCGs must also maintain a register of procurement decisions taken. You can find this under 'Registers' on our policies, strategies and registers page.

Bribery statement   

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1 July 2011. The aim of the Act is to tackle bribery and corruption in both the private and public sector. It is important that NHS Southwark CCG, its employees, suppliers and business partners remain compliant with the legislation. Our full statement from Malcolm Hines, Chief Financial Officer, is available below.

Data for invoices over £25,000

We publish the data for our invoices over £25,000 every month. You can find them below.