​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Case studies​

Primary Care Development Programme - In their own words

Participants give their views about going through the programme and what’s happened since then.​

​​​​​Lauren Parry​, GP​​​​
Justin.jpg   “I work in a practice with probably the most deprived patients in Southwark. I wanted to look at ​​​how we could work better with social care and the voluntary sector to help them.” ​

​ ​​

​ Martin Iu​, GP​​​​   

Justin.jpg  “There's real clout in being able to say that Lambeth and Southwark practices are working​ ​together on certain things. At large meetings we can really represent each other, we have a ​mandate to speak for each other. This is important for service negotiation.”  
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​​Tilly Wright, Practice Manager​  

Justin.jpg  ​“Some of us formed really strong networks. Having headspace outside of the practice was really helpful, and being challenged in different ways was really useful, it allowed me to do things on a bigger scale.” ​​​
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