Stage 2 - Consultation​


When was the consultation?

The public consultation ran from 28 February to 31 May 2013. We received over 200 responses and over 1200 participants at more than 70 meetings, discussions, and drop-ins that we ran. We would like to thank everyone who was involved and took the time to share their views.

What was the consultation about?

The consultation looked at services in Dulwich and the surrounding areas which includes Dulwich, Nunhead, Herne Hill, south Camberwell and south Peckham. Service users also come from beyond the boundaries of Southwark and into Lambeth and Lewisham.

Our proposals looked at services you receive outside large hospitals. These are often called ‘primary and community health services’, examples include:

  • The healthcare you receive from your GP or practice nurse 
  • Healthcare that you receive because you live with a long-term condition that does not need ongoing support from hospital clinicians 
  • Healthcare you receive because you are pregnant or have just given birth 
  • Some less complex health tests, such as blood tests and ECGs 
  • Care offered by those working outside hospitals, who have specialist knowledge about specific conditions (such as a GP or nurse who specialises in diabetes or dermatology) 
  • Integrated care that brings together health and social care, to support the independence of people with complex health conditions and might be at your GP surgery or one nearby. 

You can read the full proposals in the Consultation Document, it is also available in Easy Read and large print formats. We asked for views on the range of health services that might be available in Dulwich and the surrounding areas and two different ways they could be delivered. These options were based on what people told us during the Pre Consultation phase. You can find a report on our previous engagement activities and the Pre-Consultation Business case on the Pre consultation page.

Equalities impact assessment

We also conducted an equalities impact assessment, which examined in more detail the potential impact of our proposals on a number of defined equalities groups, you can find out more about these groups on our Equality and Diversity page. We used the report to inform our decision making and it was updated following the consultation to reflect feedback we received. The report is available below.

What was the outcome of the consultation?

An independent organisation called Opinion Leader collected and analysed all the feedback we received and we held an event on 8 August 2013 to share the evaluation. Opinion Leader presented key themes that emerged during the consultation process and offered local people the opportunity to ask questions about what local people and organisations said. 

Based on what local people told us, we are are developing a large new health centre, which will accommodate improved primary and community health services on the Dulwich Hospital site. Our goal is to make community services more accessible, joined up and convenient for patients.

Read more about the consultation and the outcomes at the bottom of this page and find out more about the progress we've made so far by visiting the Developing our plans page.