​Planning health services

Developing general practice services

The CCG carried out a formal selection or 'tendering' process to choose an organisation to provide GP services at the new health centre. 

Following this process, the contract was awarded to Concordia Health Ltd. Concordia will provide GP services at Melbourne Grove Medical Practice and the Hambleden Clinic from 1 April 2019, and the two sites will relocate to the new health centre on its completion in April 2020. 

Background to the selection process

Contracts for GP services at Melbourne Grove and the Hambleden Clinic were due to end on 31 March 2019, and new agreements needed to be put in place to ensure patients registered with the surgeries continued to have access to high quality and sustainable GP services. 

With the CCG planning to build a new health centre on the Dulwich Hospital site, and having considered its options for future provision at Melbourne Grove and the Hambleden Clinic, it was proposed that the existing GP services at the two sites be brought together as one contract, with one provider. 

The new contract would start from 1 April 2019, but services would continue to be provided at the existing sites for a year, until construction of the new health centre at Dulwich was ready for occupation. 

The CCG wanted to ensure that patients and practice staff were involved in the selection process of choosing the new organisation to provide GP services from the new health centre. The CCG wrote to patients of both surgeries, held meetings to listen to their views and asked them to complete feedback surveys. Patients also sat on the procurement panel and helped score the bids. 

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