Preparing occupation

Inside the health centre


Design workshops

As we move forwards with the project, we are involving patients and staff in the detailed design of the health centre's interior, building on the workshops with the architects that took place in 2015 and 2016.

November 2018

On Thursday 8 November 2018 we held a workshop for local people who will use the health centre and staff who will be working there (pictured, above).

The workshop provided an opportunity to look at and discuss the architect's plans for colours and signs, finishes and floors and ideas for colour combination. This is to ensure the internal design meets the needs of people who have a physical or sensory impairment or who have dementia.  

Prior to the workshop taking place, the CCG visited the following groups and organisations to talk to people to understand their views and what support they would need  to take part in the workshop.  

·       Southwark Dementia Alliance
·       Social group at the Southwark Resource Centre
·       Blind Aid users and volunteers
·       MS Support Group
·       Linkage Southwark
·       Southwark Disablement Association

For more information, please read the full report of the event.

March 2019

Following on from the workshop in November, we held a session on 28 March where the architect presented the final internal design for the new health centre.

The final design has been informed by feedback from the November workshop and the architect was able to show how the views of local people and issues raised have been taken into consideration and addressed.   

See the full report of the event for more information. 

And don't miss our new 'fly-through' virtual tour video, which shows what the health centre may look like when finished: