​Naming your new health centre

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We are delighted to announce that following a public vote, the new NHS health centre in Dulwich will be named in memory of the area's former MP, Tessa Jowell.

People in Dulwich and south Southwark were asked to vote for their favourite name from a shortlist of six, with Tessa Jowell Health Centre receiving the highest number of votes.

The Tessa Jowell Health Centre will open in spring 2020, with an official opening ceremony taking place later in the year.

In the meantime, you can keep up-to-date with news about the construction and development of the new health centre.


NHS Southwark CCG held a public vote between Thursday 1 and Friday 30 August to name the new health centre. 

This followed a call for suggestions, with the CCG receiving ideas from more than 100 members of NHS staff and patients, telling us what they think the health centre should be called.

A shortlist of six names was drawn up by a judging panel, which included NHS staff, a local councillor and patient representatives. We asked local people to vote for their favourite from the following options: 

  • Dulwich Wellbeing Centre – Dulwich – or Dilwihs, meaning 'the meadow where dill grows' – has developed from a small rural hamlet into a larger residential area. The new health centre is being built on the site of Dulwich Hospital, which opened in 1887 and became an NHS hospital in 1948. Find out more about Dulwich.
  • East Dulwich Health Centre – East Dulwich has also developed over the years from a small rural community into a larger residential area. The new health centre is being built on the site of Dulwich Hospital, which opened in 1887 and became an NHS hospital in 1948. Read more about East Dulwich.
  • Grove Health Centre – connecting Lordship Lane with Dulwich Village, East Dulwich Grove comprises residential and business properties, community and sports buildings. It's also been home to Dulwich Hospital since 1887, which is the site of the new health centre. Read more about East Dulwich.
  • Harold Moody Health Centre – Dr Harold Moody (1882 – 1947) was a Peckham GP and civil rights campaigner. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Dr Moody studied medicine at King's College Hospital – finishing top of his class. Refused work because of the colour of his skin, Dr Moody set up his own GP surgery in King's Grove in Peckham and founded the League of Coloured Peoples, to campaign for racial equality. He is named on the list of '100 Great Black Britons'. Read more about Dr Moody.
  • South Southwark Health Centre – The southern part of London's most historic borough includes the districts of Dulwich, Camberwell, Nunhead and Peckham. Today it's home to King's College Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital. Read more about Southwark and Camberwell.
  • Tessa Jowell Health Centre – Tessa (1947 – 2018) was the Member of Parliament for Dulwich between 1992 and 2015 and later a member of the House of Lords. She held numerous ministerial positions, including Health Minister, and played a major part in organising the London 2012 Olympics. A psychiatric social worker before entering parliament, Tessa campaigned for a new health centre in Dulwich for more than 20 years and for more cancer treatments to be made available through the NHS. Read more about Tessa

More than 860 people took part in the public vote.

If you have any questions, please contact NHS Southwark CCG.