Stage 1 - Pre consultation​ 2012/13


Talking to local people  

The NHS in Southwark undertook an engagement exercise with people in the Dulwich area about the future shape of health services and how we can meet the needs of residents.

The engagement period lasted three months in 2012, during which we talked to local residents, groups and organisations. We received over 150 survey responses, over 300 face to face discussions, and over 1000 comments about current and future health services.

We carefully considered the ideas and experiences that local people and stakeholders shared with us to help us put together proposals for consultation. You can read more about this work in the engagement documents below.

Developing the service model

We also talked to local clinicians working in the community in the area (for example GPs, nurses and physiotherapists), clinicians from King's College Hospital (for example consultants and specialist nurses), community and voluntary sector groups, and people involved in social care to get their views on how health services might be improved in the area.

Using the information from these sources, we worked on a proposed 'service model' or 'clinical model' which sets out the combination of health services we want in the area.

We also considered how this 'service model' might be delivered. This is all set out in the pre-consultation business case which is available below.

Planning for the consultation

The pre-consultation business case outlines the CCG's approach to the transformation of community based care for Dulwich and the surrounding areas. It contains the background to our proposals in more detail, and the basis upon which they were developed and is available below.

Information about the consultation is available in the Consultation section.