Our priorities​


At the beginning of the financial year we choose some NHS services in Southwark which we think we can improve. We call these services 'our priorities'.

They are based on an assessment of the health needs of the Southwark population. You can read more about what these are on the health challenges in Southwark page.

Our priorities for improvement for 2013/14 are:

Patients in need of urgent care

We plan to offer more support for people in their homes to reduce the risk of them needing to be admitted to hospital. We also plan to set up urgent care centres at King's and St Thomas' hospitals to reduce the press on their A&E departments.

People with long term conditions

We want to support more people to better manage their medical conditions. We will invest in developing services in GP surgeries and the community that mean people with ongoing health conditions can access specialist services without having to travel too far.

Co-ordinating health and care services

To make sure that the local health system delivers the best possible health benefits and experience of care for patients, we will be working with local health networks to support the co-ordination of services across health and social care.

People with mental health conditions

We want to improve access to therapy services for people with anxiety and depression and to make sure that patients using these services benefit from the treatment they receive. We want more mental health services to be provided in the community and at patients' GP practices.

Primary and community health services

We want patients to be able to find it easy to see their GP and to receive a high quality services at whichever practice in Southwark they are registered with. We want to increase the range of NHS services provided at patients' GP surgeries and in the community.