​How GP services are delivered

How is the way GP services are delivered changing?

In the past Southwark residents have received most of their GP services at their local practice. However by working together with other local surgeries GPs can provide a wider range of services for their patients.

GP practices across the borough have put formal arrangements in place to agree how they are going to work with each other in the future. They have formed networks called GP federations. In the south of Southwark this federation is called 'Improving Health' and in the north 'Quay Health Solutions'.

What will be different for me?

Most patients won't see this new way of working as you will still receive the majority of GP services, like routine check-ups and consultations, from the surgery you are registered with.

Some patients may be contacted by the network of their local GP practices to receive specialist health services that their GP doesn't offer.

These are services like:

  • Spirometry - lung function diagnostic test
  • Vascular health checks
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring  - over 24 hours
  • Smoking cessation services
  • Drug misuse services
  • Holistic health assessments for over 65s

What are the benefits?

Southwark residents are able to access a wider range health services. For example, if your GP practice doesn't provide a certain service your GP can refer you to another practice nearby which does, or a nurse or GP from another practice may do sessions at your practice.

It also means we can join up the services you receive. By creating networks of GP practices we can improve communications with other local health services like hospitals and community health service providers so you receive better joined up care.

More information 

Your GP practice is driving these changes to improve your care. If you would like more information please ask at reception of your local surgery.