‚ÄčLiving with a long term health condition

Self-care for people with a long-term health condition does not mean you are alone. With the help of your GP, specialist nurse and local support groups and you can take control of your condition and avoid trips to hospital.

Support for people with long-term conditions 

If you have a long-term condition, like Type 2 diabetes or breathing problems, your GP will help you to manage your condition to stop it from getting worse. 

Your GP or specialist nurse can help you learn about your condition so that you recognise the warning signs and avoid ending up in hospital. 

You can find more information on living with diabetes and COPD in our dedicated sections. You can find out more on living with heart disease or if you've had a heart attack on the British Heart Foundation website.

Understanding your medicines

If you have a long-term condition it Is important that you take any prescription medicines in the correct way. This will make sure that you get the best out of them and they do their job properly.

Find out more about good medicines management on our medicines advice pages.

My Health Plan

The My Health Plan can be used to record your care plan, it is available for printing at home below.